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'Rocket Arena' style -- 0454 hrs 07/09/00

Making a map in RA style isn't really that tricky. Just make the level open with a main central feature, but it has to be small enough for a one on one battle, no mazes allowed.

RA style maps are very fast and should basically be one large room with perhaps a statue in the middle and a little bit of cover or a large raised central platform. RA maps should be simple in structure, this means of course that you can spend ages making them look great. Here I will demonstrate how I will make fnfa1, a complete level which I will make available for download.

1.) I start with an octagonal room 512 high and about 1200 wide. This will provide a nice big open area for the duel. I apply a sky texture and change the floor to a dark concrete texture whilst making the walls pale concrete. This is the basis of the level. To add to the basic structure I place a circular gantry around the rim of the level (using arches) and give it one of the diamond textures, this gantry has a crossover point along one diameter and the whole structure is held up by supports.

2.) I now place rims around stuff and create the spawn points (see previous tutorial). Now that this is done I place a couple of crates at random spots in the map providing a little cover. To add the finishing structural touches some pipes are placed along the walls and a damaged door placed at one edge of the arena to give the effect that the combatants have been sealed in.

3.) To finish off completely I add jump pads and lighting effects along with a thin layer of fog resting on the arena floor. To bring attention to the nature of the arena I also add a few relevant models.

I know that this is a pretty specific example but I believe that it typifies the style quite nicely, and you can download the map and taste RA goodness before making that 60 meg download for the official Rocket Arena 3 mod.

Download fnfa1(297KB)


When I first discovered Rocket Arena 2 it took me 7 hours to download it, and I can safely say it was worth it!