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Doors and Movers - 23/08/00 (actually 24/08/00)

This better be useful Dan 'cos its 1am goddamnit and I'm tired!


Make your door brush, give it a texture etc. Press N to bring up the Entities box and select func_door. Select the direction which the door will move towards whilst opening. That's it! There are more options but I'll explain some of them later when I can be bothered and I'm not do tired.

Door teams

Mmmm... coffeelicious, huh where was I? Oh, yes... doorteams. If you want to make double doors then the solution is a doorteam. Create two doors as before which you would like to have open simultaneously, these will be the team (you can use more than 2 for some other effects). Select one of the doors and press N in the 'Key' box type team and in the 'Value' box type the name of your team ending by pressing Return. Repeat this for the other door making sure that the contents of the 'Value' box are identical. Hey presto a doorteam!

Other door properties

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Door properties (these are explain in the Entity box but I'll go into some more depth)

TOGGLE: For use with buttons, I'll explain this in my buttons example in a later tutorial.


NOMONSTER: This should not be used.

CRUSHER: Set this door to close regardless after a set time period (default 3 sec).

x: ???

model2: This is the path for a model to be drawn for the door, this can be set using the 'Model' button.

angle: This is the direction the door opens towards.

targetname: This will be explained in a buttons tutorial later.

speed: This sets the speed that the door opens and closes. 200 is star trek like, 100 is meant to be normal but is a tad fast, 75 or 50 are good settings for average doors.

wait: This is how long the door remains open before automatically closing (default 3 sec). This is useful for 'CRUSHER' doors.

lip: I have never understood this and will never pretend to, I think it is how much door is left protruding from the edge where the door moves to, if you understand what I mean.

dmg: For 'CRUSHER' doors. This is basically how much health the door removes when it closes on somebody.

color: This is the color of the light that shines through the door. Format R G B where R, G and B are decimals between 1 and 0, just like light sources.

light: As above but determines the strength of the light from the door.

health: This door will only open when shot, useful for making a secret door.


The func_pendulum is probably the simplest to create. Many of the options are the same as for the door, except speed is now the distance that the pendulum moves. The pendulum must have an origin, this is a special entity which can be made by right clicking the map screen. This is the point about which the pendulum will swing. Phase is quite useless unless the pendulum is activated by a button (I haven't tried this yet), it basically set the pendulum to start at the set fraction through it's swing.

With the func_plat the keys are the same as for the door. The platform must be placed at the final (up) position in Q3Radiant or they will disappear downwards! The height key is simply the height through which the platform will travel when activated. Plats can be activated by buttons by using targetname, but I will explain this later in a buttons tutorial.

I will explain the other movers in a later tutorial since they are mainly useless, except for func_bobbing which is fairly similar to func_plat with the phase key being used as in func_pendulum. Man I need some coffee...

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