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.pk3 files are used be Quake 3 to hold all the files required by the game or a game component. If you make your own maps and want to use your own textures you will need to bundle them together in a .pk3. Here is a brief tutorial on how to create a .pk3 file.

Run Winzip (if you have PKZip the process is not that different so read on anyway). Create an new .zip file. For this example we shall be 'paking' a map called toh.bsp, the toh.pk3 file will need the toh.aas bot map file, the toh.tga level shot and the toh.txt readme file to be included in the .pk3 along with the .bsp file.
Relative to the baseq3 directory three of the files will need to go in these directories, the .txt can go anywhere:

    - toh.bsp
    - toh.aas
    - toh.tga

To preserve this structure when creating the .zip you will need to select 'save folder info' or 'preserve subdirectory structure' (depending on what version you have of Winzip/PKZip you will have to figure out what to do to preserve the structure). If you have Winzip 6 then the process is a little bit more tricky, firstly you will need to create a 'c:\baseq3\' directory and put the files in the relative directories to 'c:\baseq3', then make the .zip from these copies of the files using the 'recurse folders' option and selecting the baseq3 directory for adding. This will automatically preserve the directory structure.
In PKZip the process is easier since there is an option to preserve structure relative to a base directory (baseq3).

To create the .pk3 simply rename the toh.zip file to toh.pk3, it doesn't matter how compressed the files are and you can even include .pk3s within each other.


You will need Winzip or PKZip for this tutorial.