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Brandon to Tom:

By brandon b

Tom what up
I havnt talked to you in awhile

What you will need:

1.) E-mail
2.) internet
3.) keyboard
4.) brain

lets check each one out.

1.) What up man, how you doing back in england. E-mail me at brandon21@box.com

2.) Sorry i had to hack
3.) No harm done
4.) talk to ya later

Well, now that the components are there, we shall begin!

The basis of NLQ is taking turns and scoring. In essence it is a tournament played against bots. The players each play a round, against the same bot(s) and their performance is equated into a score. The scores are tallied up until a final winner is decided. Not too complicated was it! So here it is step by step:

1.) Make a plan.

The plan should be about 4-6 rounds, each one with a specified Level, bot(s) and limit (time/frags). So one round might be (quake3):

Round: 1
Map: Q3DM13
Bots: Visor (Hardcore)
Lucy (Hardcore)
Limit: 10 minutes
Score: 2 * Frags

Did you notice the 'score'? This is the value which is added up each round and gives you your total. The score will be an equation which varies each round, meaning you can have high and low scoring rounds. The equation can be simple:

Score: Frags

Or the equation can be complicated:

Score: (Frags * 2) / Time

Depending on the preference of the plan writer. The score is crucial since it decides who wins. You can make a monstrously elaborate plan if you like (I find it pretty fun - call me sad if you like) or you can make dog simple ones. At the FNF, we like plans so much, even though we got our LAN, we still use plans to make tournaments, we just leave off the 'bots' section. But anyway, enough about LANs, if your reading this, you don't have one!

2.) Get the food in.

Pretty obvious this bit. Doesn't really need any explanation!

3.) PLAY!!!

Decide a running order, I.E. who goes first and who goes last. If you like, you can also play in order of who's winning. The first player sets up the game and plays, his/her (were polically correct here at the FNF!) score is written down on a score sheet (or scrappy piece of paper depending on availibility) and the next player steps up. After the first round, you move onto shock!, horror!, the NEXT round, it's pretty simple stuff.

You add up the scores along the way, whomever has the highest score at the end...you guessed it... wins!

Well, thats NLQ for you! As you probably imagined, it's nothing ground-breaking. What I've written here obviously isn't 'THE ONLY WAY TO PLAY MULTIPLAYER QUAKE WITHOUT A LAN', it's simply the way that we played, and it worked. Most likely, this will help you to develop your own way of playing NLQ. Remember, this isn't designed to be THE definative guide to NLQ, experiment, develop your own style, have fun! 

May you and your friends forever play Quake!
-Thanks be to Carmack.




If you haven't fragged on a friday night...

...you've never fragged at all.