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Health Beams

Health beams are created in a similar manner to RA spawn points except they must involve a time delay. Here is a room I made earlier, it is ready for a health beam:


To explain the working order of the regeneration machine it has a forcefield, this is simply a water texture and a weap_clip brush of equal size. This beam is an instant regeneration and is only an example of an alternative to crappy health pickups. Here's how to make this one assuming you've made the relevent scenary.

1.) Firstly lets set up the health giving platform. The best way in my opinion is to use a button, this way you can make a beam come from the ground or use this to allow one full regeneration every, say, 5 seconds (or more if you want).

Make the base that the player will stand on into a func_button, give it wait, speed etc that you want as well as angle (up is useful). Then give it a target, I called mine health1 (imaginitve huh?). This is the bit that you will see working in the level.

2.) Now we must sort out the health giving. Firstly you will need an appropriate health item in a room seperate to the rest of your level, you will also need a target_give. Give the target_give a targetname of health1 or whatever and then bind it to the health object by first selecting the target_give, then the health then pressing Ctrl+K. That's it! If you want to make a boring '5 health a second' beam then simply use the trigger_multiple entity to do this.

Note: You can not give a hurt trigger a negative value to produce a health beam, don't try it it makes a kiling beam!

Health Beam Alternative 1:

coming soon.



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