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If you have downloaded the source code they give an example of how to mod it. Firstly I recommend you make sure that you can compile the .qvm files, if you can't download GameIDE or find a solution yourself, it is far too difficult to explain how to fiddle with the batch files and stuff since the solution is different depending as to what C editor you have. If in doubt go get something like GameIDE (which can be found at PlanetQuake) which will sort it all out for you.

The 'Make A Mod' file says:

1. Open up the Q3AGame.dsw in Microsoft Visual C++.
2. Set the "game" project as the active project.
3. Open the "g_local.h" file and change the GAMEVERSION define from "baseq3" to "TestMod"
4. Save "g_local.h"
5. Open the "g_missile.c" file.
6. Go to line 389 and change the 900 to 300. The old line reads:

VectorScale( dir, 900, bolt->s.pos.trDelta );

The new line should read

VectorScale( dir, 300, bolt->s.pos.trDelta );

7. Save "g_missile.c"
8. Perform a Build All command and it should build a DLL for the game.

Firstly, before doing this make a copy of the source code in a new sub directory of the q3 directory, I shall refer to this directory as '.\firstmod'.
.If you don't have MSVC++ then this basically means open up the g_local.h file in the '.\firstmod\game' directory and make the change stated. Then open g_missile.c from the same directory and make the change detailed above. This change makes the rocket speed 300 instead of 900, three times slower, now how many self respecting q3 players would like a slower rocket? I would like to think none, rockets should be fast like in quake, not like those cacky quake 2 crappy rockets, change it to 2700 - three times as fast! Now compile the code using which ever method you can. Hey presto... your first mod is completed.

You will need to put an empty .pk3 file into the mod directory to have your mod runnable from the 'mods' menu in the game. If you have no mods menu then it's time that you downloaded the latest point release.

Well, I hope that this was useful. If you find the other weapon functions you can fiddle with their speeds as well, all 'missiles' in the game use the same VectorScale() command in their functions, this includes the plasma gun and the BFG.

Happy modding! -- }h3r!k0


You can use notepad to edit the game source code files. The difficult bit is the compiling, for this you may need to download a program to do it if you don't have MSVC++. I may put some batch files up soon that will enable easy compilation.

Anyway who would buy MSVC++, it is so ridiculously expensive...